Why I Support My Local Indie Bookshop and You Should Support Yours Too

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am passionate about supporting my favorite local indie bookshop, The King’s English in Salt Lake City. It is the most AMAZING bookshop on the planet IMO, but more to come on that below. Here’s some reasons why you need to make sure you’re supporting your local indies as well!

1.       You’ll be putting money back into your local economy! Shopping at local small businesses is truly what keeps them in business. Having successful local businesses helps keep your community thriving, and who doesn’t want that?

2.       You get to discover new book recommendations! Websites like GoodReads and Amazon are amazing and do a great job of putting books in front of you that they predict you’ll want to buy. But by actually going into a bookshop, you’ll discover books you NEVER would have found online.

3.       Book Sellers like to talk about books! If you’re a book lover your favorite thing to do is probably read, and your second favorite thing to do is probably talk about the books you’re reading. Book sellers also LOVE to discuss books, and book sellers at local indies are always happy to discuss what you’re reading, what they’re reading, and give some excellent recommendations!

4.       You can find a whole community of book lovers! Since I have discovered The King’s English, I have made so many bookish friends. I’ve met tons of local and New York Times Bestselling authors that I now communicate with online and IN PERSON at events. So go to the your local shop, attend their events, and make some friends!

5.       You can get involved with a book club! It is sometimes really hard to find local book clubs that have the same reading interests as you do, but a lot of indie bookshops have a variety of book clubs for you to choose from. Me and my bookish bestie host what we think is the COOLEST book club in the world, YA and Wine, at The King’s English on the second Wednesday of each month. Hosting it in partnership with the bookshop helps them to sell more books, and gives us an awesome venue to meet in. They also promote our book club on their website and in their Newsletter. They drive attendees to our club and give discounts on book club books to our members. We’ve grown to over 50 members in less than a year! It’s really been a win-win partnership for both of us. So ask your local indie what book clubs they  have available, and if they don’t have one that strikes your fancy, ask them if you can host one of your own!

6.       They host author events! For an avid reader, there is nothing more exciting than getting the opportunity to meet your favorite authors. Not only do these events drive in a lot of business for your local indie bookshop, they are so, so, SO much fun. Most authors talk about the book their touring for, their writing process, they do a little Q&A, and then there’s usually a face-to-face signing. Check your local indie bookshop’s website to stay up-to-date on the events their hosting.

For those of you in the Utah area, or visiting the area anytime soon, check out The King’s English’s website and all of the amazing events that have coming up. They’ve got YA authors like Veronica Roth, Victoria Aveyard, Erin Summerhill, Alexandra Bracken, Susan Dennard, Kathryn Purdie, and Sophie Jordan! They also have loads of signed copies of books in stock all the time, so even if you can’t make it to one of these events, you’ll DEFINITELY want to stop by this charming shop.

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